Blind Faith

You may be blind to what lies ahead but God has a crystal clear view. This is what blind faith is, not knowing where the provision or answer is coming from, but staying in an attitude of rest, peace, and expectancy, knowing that God has already worked out the details in supplying all we need on this journey called life.
Ponder on this for a bit, the birds of the air do not sow or reap or store away in barns, yet their every provision is met, easily and effortlessly.

The flowers of the fields grow they do not labour or toil to blossom, yet their beauty and aroma are unparallel to anything else. The grass in the field is laid out like an evergreen carpet without anyone tending to it (Mat 6.25-34). All of creations needs are met without human supervision or maintenance, showcasing that God is the master caretaker of the earth. If God waters the earth and tends to creations needs, then how much more will God take care of you and provide for you, the highest of his creation?.
I am not condoning sitting back and waiting for things to be handed to you or expecting the provision to fall from heaven, instead, we are expected to act in faith on God’s promises for provision. The secret is coupling our human nature with God’s divine nature. This partnership is most powerful and guarantees positive results. When we put our faith in Christ, God commissions himself to protect, provide, sustain and care for us. The key is trusting God to provide in whatever capacity he sees fit and not fighting against his supernatural unexpected workings. His way is a sure way and in doing so we get to see, taste and experience the superabundant nature of God. The blessings of God makes you wealthy, he adds no sorrow with it and your toiling does not increase(Prov 10.22), this assurance is all you need to know that your future your life is safe and secure with divine supply. The prerequisite is handing the reins of your life over to God, giving him first place, putting our confidence in him in everything and at all times, and God will bring you to a place where his blessings, righteousness, joy, peace and bountiful supply never runs dry.

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