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Do Not Die In Your Winter Season

The seasons on a natural level is often reflected in the seasons of our lives and the seasons of our soul.

Throughout history, we read about trailblazers, forerunners, highly successful, influential individuals who had to endure a very dry, barren winter season before coming into the full bloom of their summer season. It is very difficult to keep a level head and think optimistic positive thoughts when the winter storms of life are hampering and sabotaging your ability to stay in the game.

I have learned that kicking against the pricks, creating an inner resistance, having a negative attitude against what was transpiring, proved futile and detrimental to the recovery process. This mindset in actual fact delayed the season from changing and prolonged my agony. The minute I stopped fighting the process and became accepting of the situation it felt as if something gave way. I was now in harmony working in unison with nature/God towards my dark barren season changing.

I was now opened to what God wanted to do and achieve in my life, although the season did not change immediately, my mind did a turnaround, I began to see all the things hidden from my view, the fundamental tool that was beneficial for my journey ahead. The toiling and struggling stopped, I faced each day with ease and expectancy looking for hidden blessings that had been obscured before.

In the natural, just like spring does not compete against winter to arrive early, I too have learned the importance of allowing God to use his timing to work in me, promoting me to the next level of life, when he had fully taught me what I needed to endure and learn from the current season I found myself.

So you too could be trapped in your dead winter season, where there is no sign of life or rebirth. , Do not give up on yourself or God. Remember in the natural cycle, seasons change, if you would endure a little while longer your season will change too and soon you will be able to bask in the warmth of your summer sun. Your attitude will determine the outcome. I derived great. comfort from. this scripture…… weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning (Psalm 30.5)


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