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Don’t Get Weary In Your Waiting

You may be carrying something that God has promised you, or you could have a heart’s desire that has not come to fruition as yet. It is human nature to become despondent and impatient when our desired results are nowhere in sight. Do not get weary in your waiting God is faithful to his promises concerning you. Start with where you are, use what you have and do what you can, be consistent in your pursuing, God will do the rest. It took the drought season, for Joseph’s dream to be activated and God’s promise to him manifested, It could a famine that joined Naomi and Ruth path and through Ruth and Boaz’s offspring was the lineage of Jesus Christ
Just like Joseph and Ruth God could be using your drought barren season as a vital component to bring about his promises in your life, do not despise this season, there is a process leading up to the promise. Do not grow weary in your waiting for an abundant harvest awaits you if you would stay in faith.

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