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Feeling left out and Abandoned

I am convinced, that at some stage or another we all ,have experienced some sense of feeling left out ,or abandonment.

This could be caused through, a child being left by his or her mom, a friend feeling let down, by another friend, an aloneness- not caused — by- choice, a sudden illness or accident that has caused immobility, a man or a woman ,being left by his or her partner. Whatever the cause might be, these are still very real feelings and if not dealt with can cause some sense of paralysis in our everyday lives.

Through the different stages in my life, I have experienced feelings of being left out and the weight of abandonment. This just didn’t crush my soul ,it took the wind off my sails and brought stagnation.

Matthew 27.46 explains, how Christ himself ,felt alone and abandoned ,when he hung on the cross. He cried out My God, My God, why have You abandoned me, leaving me helpless ,failing me in my time of need?

You see ,Christ first hand, experienced feelings of being left out and abandoned. So ,who better to run to and find safety and security, than into the loving arms of Jesus. Repeatedly we are assured that, God will never leave us or forsake us, Deuteronomy 31.8 . He understands these emotions and has a cure for it . Bringing God into the mix , makes you and God the majority . The warmth and love of Gods embrace slowly starts to melt all these feelings away ….. it did for me. Now ,I can say with boldness , whether I’m in a crowded room or all by myself, it does not move me ,I have mastered the art of these emotions. God’s acceptance of me assures me and fills me with his great love. This knowledge and awareness makes up for any lack I may encounter. No matter how society views me ,it does not alter this ….the Lord God stands by me and strengthens me. This is all the surety I need. 2Tim 4.16.17 . I invite you too to experience this blessed assurance.

Choose to live life on purpose.


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