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For My Children

It has been said that “Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad”, the reverse can be said of mothers too.

Although a mother’s womb is the carrier of the child for nine months, responsibility does not stop at birth. In fact giving birth is only a step in the direction of motherhood. Blood does not make you a mom this is a job that comes from the heart. Woman out there in all circles who indirectly play the role of mom, it could be in a classroom, courtroom, counseling room a bedroom or whatever platform you have, use this to help shape and steer a child’s. life, your positive constructive influence is powerful it can be life changing and can impact them on who they become..

Today I share my journey as a mother. I have learned through the years that there is no institution that can teach you how to be a mother, instead, it is a deep calling. I was totally clueless and not prepared but like the layers of an onion, each episode of life unveiled my hidden potential and ability to love and give of myself unconditionally. Motherhood is a demanding role but is a choice that I make every day, to put the needs, the happiness and the well-being of my children above mine. A choice that has brought joy and still brings joy into my life unparallel to any other.

It is a mammoth task, you are no longer your own person you relinquish that position to your children. At times I didn’t think I had what it took to pull it off, but then I took solace in the thought that God trusted me when he gave me these kids so he knew more about my capabilities than I did. When the load got too heavy and when my will to go on weakened, the knowledge that my children were watching and using my life as their compass to learn ethics, morals, values and wisdom, caused me to adjust my perspective and press forward. I could not let them down no matter how much it cost me, I had to be strong for them, it now was not just about getting by it was survival. As a mother, you have such a unique opportunity to model, strength, tenacity, forgiveness, patience, kindness, and all the good things that money cannot buy, in most cases as a mom you will be the only marker demonstrating these traits. Use your lifestyle as a message to have a profound and long- lasting impact.

Our roles as moms are all about being an influence on our kid’s. This is an intentional act on my part, although they are all adults now I am actively involved in their lives, I choose to influence their lives by making them see that every decision made good or bad has consequences, a wrong decision made in haste today can derail them and affect their tomorrows. I am not afraid to expose my weaknesses to them, for them to use my life lessons, shortcomings, failures, and pain as their wisdom to learn and grow from, and not repeating my mistakes. I look at my children now and I stand amazed to see all that they have become.

My greatest achievement in this lifetime is being a mom, and it is my highest calling, one I take very seriously. If someone were to write my life story and leave out the part of me being a mom, they would have left out the very thing that defines me, the reason for my existence. My children have taught me the essence of life, they have been my compass when I thought I’d lost my way, they have been the wind beneath my wings encouraging me to soar higher even when dark clouds were in view. They are my biggest fans and no matter how much you tell me you love me, I got news for you I love you all more than that. Conrad Travis, Jenine Chanel and Caleb Stephen, you three are the gems I wear on my crown proudly. Here’s the thing all this while I thought I was teaching you about life, but in actual fact, it is you who have taught me what life is all about, and for this, I remain eternally grateful, life will be not living at all without you three in mine. For Always…………mom


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