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God Is Fighting For You

There is a powerful hope that can keep us strong knowing that God is greater than whatever we face and he fights on our behalf in ways we cannot fathom imagine or perceive. You could be in the depths of a battle right now full of anguish and anxiety, even discouraged. Your situation may appear hopeless and all too overwhelming, to a point where you are even doubting God. Remember there is no situation or problem beyond the saving reach of God. He promises us in his word that he will take care of us, make good plans for us and love us beyond measure, even when we are not aware of it. He has given us his covenant promise that we never have to struggle to fend for ourselves, he is with us always.
When we trust God to fight our battles God’s ability in us enables us to override the situation to circumvent panic, fear, and hopelessness associated with the battles.
There are powerful and life-changing nuggets we can take from the Israelite’s when they were fleeing from Egypt. Just like them you too probably can see absolutely no way out or around your predicament. Never did they imagine that the massive sea in front of them was going to divide and split in the middle providing a way of escape for them(Exodus 14: 11-12). So too with you, God is working for you behind the scene and just at the right time he will step in and act on your behalf. In the meantime remain unshakable in your hope in God, belief in his word, take hold 
of everyone of his promises and take comfort in knowing that no battle is too daunting or gigantic for God to handle(Joshua 1:5).



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