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Lasting Joy

The description of JOY is a feeling of great pleasure and happiness. Considering this, lasting joy can be a very rare commodity in our constantly changing world. The Bible talks about the Joy of the Lord being our strength (Nehemiah 8.10). This JOY is not happiness that depends on what is going on in our lives, that fluctuates with our emotions and moods. Instead, this JOY is constant, it is from within us because the giver of this lasting joy lives within us. His presence in us is our guarantee that he will never leave us and is a present help comforting us through our trials. You may be in a place in your life where lasting joy seems to escape you, your spirit is broken and your energy is sapped, but there is a hope of a better life that awaits….. a lasting joy that can only be derived from knowing God, this JOY brings healing and is life-giving…. God longs for you to taste of this JOY too. I invite you to come drink from this fountain there is a vast supply. 

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