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Let Love Be The Reason

An ambassador in the simplest term means representing the one who sent you. As Christians, we are God’s ambassadors on earth in that we have been “approved by God to be entrusted with being his image here on earth. GOD IS LOVE…….. love is patient, love is kind, love is not boastful, love is not self-seeking, love does not dishonor, love protects, love trusts, love preserves and love hopes (1Cor 13:4-8). In some cases, the world will only get to know there is a God of love through our lives, by displaying the love of God through our caring and loving actions to others. It is the simplest acts of kindness and love that have a profound effect and leaves a lasting impact. Most times it is the ordinary things that transform people in extraordinary ways. Let love be the motive behind all we do. Showing God’s love through the little things. We live in a world so paralysed with fear, hurt poverty and hunger we can change all of this by using our lives as that instrument to spread love, reach out a hand to the wounded and the hurting, feeding the hungry and clothing the poor, helping someone less fortunate than us. Let’s start a chain reaction of showing God’s love through simple acts of kindness. As God’s Ambassadors, we are the hope for the world. Let us purpose in our hearts to be that conduit through which love flows.

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