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Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

Let not your weary heart be troubled, is one of the most comforting words Jesus spoke while on earth(John 14.1) If you find yourself confused, bewildered, discontent, perplexed, anxious, agitated, worried, or you think you have run out of escapes and there are not anymore places you can rest, I invite you to find restful comfort in these words of Jesus. We do not have control of what happens around us and most times if we allow, the outside forces can get us bent out of shape. The surest way of getting around the circumstance is guarding the things within us, it is a known fact that the things happening on the inside of us affect us the most. God through his word has given us the assurance and serves as a roadmap of how we can keep our peace even when things around us are not looking good. Like a soldier with firm endurance, we must march on amidst the disarray. It has to be a willful act on our part with trusting faith, to use the word of God as ammunition to dim the doubting and inner conflict, fully determined to navigate through to a safe steady ground. Time and time again as I place my unwavering faith in God’s word, he proves to me he truly is the God of all comfort and my surest medicine for a troubled heart. There can be a way of escape for you too for your troubled heart.


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