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Looking at things from human perspective versus God’s reality

Daily we are faced with adverse situations,some high and some low. How we evaluate and view these challenges, ultimately determine the outcome.

There was a time, in my life when challenges and setbacks came , I didn’t know better so I allowed these situations to overcome me and defeat me. I was looking at them from my limited natural ability. The enormity of the situation made me see how inadequate I was against these giants I was facing. Feelings of fear and negativity crippled me, because I could not see a way out. I had drawn my own conclusion about the outcome which always brought me to dead ends. In the midst of this chaos, I was guided to a scripture in Isaiah 55.8, My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts,” says the LORD. “And my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine. Suddenly, i realised, that as long as I tried to fight my battles on my strength and see the problem from my limited perspective, I was sure to experience defeat. I began to ask God to empower me to see his point of view about my problems. I knew he had the aerial view of what was going on in my life and because of this position of power he could maneuver my steps to a safe, stable restful place , and he did.

Through the years I have faced many many challenges, but each time I came out the winner, because I have learnt to discard my view and perspective on things and adopt God’s sovereign ability to fix the problems for me. This approach has not only changed the way I view challenges, it has equipped me to go through life as a victor and not a victim.

I have such security knowing that God has a master plan and a way of escape for me in every situation life throws at me. As individuals, if you are, encountering being in the line of fire, and defeat is knocking at your door, I urge you to ask God to allow you to see your difficulties through his lenses, give over to him the. reigns of your life, you will be amazed at all the good things he as lined up for you, through this setback. Only God has the authority and ability to step in and override the situation and bring you to a restful place. Trust his leading.


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