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My Footsteps Are Being Ordered

If God is guiding my footsteps then I am not only expected to rejoice and be at rest when all is going well in my life. I am expected to rejoice and be at rest when I am also facing affliction and adversity too (Psalm 37.23). God is the master navigator every step of our lives are ordered and orchestrated by him. You could be in a place right now that feels like you are facing a mighty mountain or a valley dark and deep trust God the shepherd of your soul to be your guide and to direct your path back to solid ground.
It is so reassuring to know God actually delights in leading us along that way which he is laying out for us, but this requires blind faith from us. Trusting fully that every step he orders is a step that is equipping and empowering us, that is bridging the gap and bringing us closer to fulfilling his master plan for our lives. Trust God’s leading even in times when you do not know or understand he is working out all things for your good. 

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