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Still I Rise…..never to give up

I’m reminded of the lyrics from a song by Yolanda Adams “Still I Rise”, this song as become my anthem and as given me encouragement when my days get dark. There are many of you out there, that feel the struggles that you are facing will never end, the road you traveling on as many pitfalls and hurdles, you have come to the end of your road only to find another dead end in sight. I encourage you to press on with hope against all hope. You see a lot of what you are facing today, are building blocks to get you to your destination. My life is testament to this fact, that when you are faced with adversities and setbacks, these are challenges faced so when you get through them and come out on the other side, your character is strengthened, you develop you grow tough skin, making you resilient and immune to what life throws at you. In actual fact, you have now become a role model, an instrument of hope to those now walking in your shoes. My life is an indication that I survived and now live to tell the story. So I urge you to take your eyes off your challenges and see the big picture. Remain steadfast on your journey, so you too, like me can say. …… shattered but not broken, wounded but time will heal, heavy the load the cross I bear, lonely the road. Shaken but here I stand, weary still I press on. Long are the nights the tears I cry. Dark are the days no sun in the sky…..yet still I rise never to give up never to give in against all odds, yet still I rise high above the clouds, yet times I feel low YET STILL I RISE above all my problems, above all my eyes can see knowing God is able to strengthen me. Philippians 4.13. the scripture states…. I have strength for all things in the One (Christ)strengthening me. Do not give up, keep pressing on, get back on. this race called life , but this time fully determined to win.



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