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The Essence Of A Woman

As women we all long for a life of purpose, finding our purpose is a universal cry, yearning for a life of significance….. this can only be attained by knowing who we are and the role we play in society. We have been created on purpose for a purpose. I once heard that with ignorance comes abuse. Discovering our purpose in life releases us from a place of insignificance and hopelessness, and ushers us into a life driven by purpose, which brings great rewards and fulfilment.
As women, we can be such a unique and profound tool in our creator’s hand. A life in pursuit of finding its purpose unlocks and creates a pathway for God’s glory to be revealed and freely flow out of us. A woman who walks in her purpose is not intimidated by another woman who is more resourceful, beautiful or intelligent than she is. She knows that each woman has a vital part to play in the drama of life. She understands her true worth and is comfortable in sharing her platform with another knowing what she possesses is unique to her calling and is confident that her star is bright enough to shine and will not be dimmed or feel threatened by someone else’s. A woman who has found her purpose emits inner beauty and confidence even when her world is falling apart she is so attractive her behaviour infectious, she oozes with an aroma that is hypnotic, mesmerising and alluring. She is mindful that beyond her pitfalls and setbacks ultimately her soul purpose is to overcome life’s challenges and in doing so she edifies and uplifts those around her. She does not compromise her standing nor chooses to contaminate her values. The knowledge of her unique calling and purpose causes her light to radiate from within drawing family, friends and outer court circles together allowing them to bask in the warmth of her love and embrace. She has learned that her money and status does not define her. She can boldly attest to the fact that favour is deceitful and beauty is vain, but a woman with an excellent spirit is worth far more than gold. In finding her purpose she has found her true calling shaping her into someone who knows, understands and relishes in the essence of being a true woman of worth.

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