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The Serenity Prayers goes like this

The Serenity Prayers goes like this……. God, give us the grace to accept with serenity the things that cannot be changed, Courage to change the things which should be changed, and the wisdom to distinguish the one from the other.

In reality, this is easier said than done, we all go through life carrying excess baggage we are stuck with memories from our past that we can’t get over, regrets over things we wish we could have done differently, anger over things we said or didn’t say. Broken dreams, broken relationships, hurts, failures. Resentment and bitterness, over someone else doing us wrong. Whatever the reason these emotions are weighing us down and are burdensome, they hinder us from doing what we really would like to do.
Overpacking when going on holiday results in costing us to pay for excess baggage, the same can be said about life, carrying the weight of these emotions prevents us from being able to freely move forward, instead these emotions reduces our speed and sabotages our mobility. The cost of living with these emotions keeps us stuck and prevents us from living a life of freedom God has designed for us to have. The enemy of our soul knows the power of what guilt, shame, regret, resentment and hurt can do to the quality of our lives, so his job is to keep us stuck and we set up camp here. The humdrum as set in and before we know it 10, 20,30, 40 years has gone by with no change in our lives or circumstances, causing us to cave in from the weight of it all. You have resigned yourself to this kind of life, thinking this is it, this is how my story will end, and because of these condemning emotions you think that you cannot be loved or used of God
But I have news for you, your life does not have to stay this way there is a way of escape. This condemnation and self-inflicted pain can come to and end (Romans 8.1) There are people in the bible who could have missed their calling and destiny if they stayed in their regret and guilt……Moses killed a man, David committed adultery and then had his mistress’s husband killed, Paul persecuted and killed the followers of Christ before his conversion, Peter denied Christ 3 times. In spite of this, these men choose to receive the forgiveness and the saving grace of God, and not allow the regret of their past hinder God’s plan for their lives. History tells us what a positive impact these men have had on their generation. The same God that saw value and purpose in these men see’s unlimited untouched potential in you.
There is nothing you can do to undo what has already, instead you can make peace with your past, break free from that baggage that has weighed you down, and allow Gods grace to heal you and help you move forward. Strive to live your best life now, focus on the present allowing God to work out the damage and delays for your good. The story of Joseph is a demonstration of this. Joseph was sold as a slave by his brothers and later was made the 2nd most powerful man in Egypt. Just like Joseph God can take your past and display his redemptive power through your life.
I promise you the power that these emotions have had over you in the past will pale in comparison to the new found freedom you will find in Christ through letting go…. Whom the son sets free is free indeed(John 8.36), but, you have to hand over the reins of your life over to God first and as you do this, the rays of his redemptive love will shine on your frosted heart melting away every guilt and shame making your past a distant memory and filling your tomorrow with joy unspeakable and full of wonder, beauty and delight. Choose life …….. choose to live life on purpose. JCD

2 thoughts on “The Serenity Prayers goes like this

  1. Jeanette.

    Wow friend, this is amazing!!

    Where are you these days, Durban? ape Town? You still in SA?

    You were on my mind a few weeks ago. You gave me an Alvin Slaughter CD, song name : What’s that you have in your hand. I heard it on the radio, made me think of you.

    Hope you’re well friend.


    Would love to hear back from you.

    1. Hi PJ,
      So good catching up with you on this platform.
      I’m glad you enjoy my post, sorry for late response, I only got to handle the administration of the blog page from this week. You will def hear more from me from here on out.

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