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There Is A Process To The Promise

Pondering on God’s promise to me, I started to retrace the steps of my life right to the beginning to when it all began. I was 13yrs old the year was 1979, my recollection of growing up in a Christian God-centered home, are safe happy memories. My dad was the pastor of a local church, at a very early age, I got to learn about the father heart of God. God became someone very close to me and my trust and dependency in him was a great part of my lifestyle.

I remember at the tender age of 13 kneeling at my bedside and asking God to show me what was his plan for my life, and true to his nature he answered when I called on him(Jeremiah 33.3).

That night in a vision he showed me what his plan was. At first, this was bewildering for me, I never experienced anything like this before and to a large extent doubted what had transpired the night before. The next morning I went back to God asking him to confirm that the vision was from him and not a figment of my imagination. as I knelt at my bedside again he proved his faithfulness to me I opened up my bible and what I read pretty much outlined the entire vision, confirming in actual fact it did happen.

I now knew Gods plan for my life, I had no idea how, where and when this was going to happen, and the only logical thing I could do was tuck the vision deep away, and trust God to work out the details. In the interim life happened.

Now 38 years later, after looking back the vision was way too big for me, I had to grow into it and through life’s challenges, heartaches, setbacks, let downs adversity, laughter, love and the crazy mix that makes up life I clearly see how each of these occurrences were in actual fact building blocks taking me closer to God’s desired outcome for my life. Everytime I doubted God’s plan for my life the memory of the vision served as a reminder to endure and weather the storms.

You too like I could have a promise given to you by God, a life’s calling, a destiny, in fact, we all do, but you still do not see the manifestation of it. You need to understand that there are no quick fixes with God, he is in no hurry. If it means him taking you through a particular step over and over he will do it until he knows you finally have it right and you have absorbed all you needed from that situation to get you to your next level in life. This is a painful unpleasant process but a very fundamental part of the growing stage. You cannot reach your destination prematurely, there is a danger of getting or being at a place prematurely, look at a baby being born prematurely then you will fully understand how detrimental this is, you end up becoming a casualty over and over and having others pick up your pieces and cleaning up your mess.

Eventually, after all the loss, chaos, failed marriage, lost identity the list goes on I finally got it right but it took years I had to learn this the hard way, I lost count the number of times I had to go around the same mountain. it took dying to my ego and self-will to what Jeanette wanted or what I thought best for me. the moment I stopped fighting the process, I allowed God to quieten my soul and I became a willing participate to God’s will for my life, things started to change and turn around for me.

This does not mean my life is now absent from worry or struggle it just means I have complete trust in the one who is directing the script of my life. As you would know a truly captivating movie has all the components of highs lows and everything in between. I fully understand now the plans God has for me, his method of unfolding and unpacking the different stages of my life and I am accepting of this, God and I are working in unison to see his plan for my life come to fruition (Jeremiah 29.11) I can actually see all the fragmented pieces of my life falling into place and me walking into the divine destiny God as orchestrated for my life.

So today I urge you not to give up or close your heart to the promises that God as given you, remember you are a work in progress in a process to the actual promise. What may seem like uneventful mundane, or life threatening occurrence in your life is actually God behind the scene weaving together his grand story for your life, every moment a vital link to your expected end. God is faithful in his promises concerning you (Deut 7.9) trust his leading.


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