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There is no greater love

There is no greater feeling than the feeling of being loved. It is the most powerful emotion ever known to man. Some how irrespective of what is going on around you, just the thought that someone loves. you gives you the sense of stability and security. Love for me takes on many forms, the love shared between two people (intimacy), the love between a parent and child, the love between siblings and family, the love between work colleagues, communities, religious groups, etc. There are many components to love and each component has its perfect fit in our lives. This kind of love completes us and promotes a sense of wellbeing.

What about those who do not feel this kind of love ? or once, experienced love, but lost it through wrong choices, bad decisions, unforgiveness , relationships gone wrong, isolation caused through addiction or an action, I’m talking to you today. I found a love that is so powerful it transcend beyond space and time . I found this all encompassing love in God. He has proven to me time and time again that his love for me runs so deep that no matter what I do or say he will never turn his back on me. No matter what I think of myself or how I see myself, does not change how God feels about me and his love towards me. When you begin to know and understand the full impact and extent of God’s love for us it changes everything. Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends….John 15.13. Here God is assuring us that we sees and thinks so highly of us, we are unique and his special creation, his love for us is unending and no matter what we have done his love for us remains constant. He proved this to us by allowing his only son his most prized possession to die so that we could live and have life in abundance John 3.16. Today you may feel that you have messed up so much beyond being loved again I’m here to tell. you that this is not the case . God values you he longs to have an intimate relationship with you, his desire is to love all. your hurt away. I have tasted of this love, it has the power to heal restore and make whole every brokenness and strife in your life. I invite you to taste of this love too. JCD

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