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Today I celebrate my 51st birthday

Today I celebrate my 51st birthday, looking back on it all, I see all the storms I had to hurdled, the pain and deep loss I had to endure.
Ive passed through that place, called hopelessness on the way there, I almost tasted death through a life threatening illness. I had my identity taken away when everything I worked for and acquired was ripped away in a blink of an eye. I’ve had more than my fair share ,of heart breaks and regrets. I’ve tasted from that bitter cup of betrayal.
All that time ,little did I realised that in this process I was this uncut diamond ,being shaped and polished through every situation I encountered. The one thing that remained constant was God ,even in the black silence I knew he was near. My insufficiencies to handle situations created avenues for God to show up and aid me through the maze.
All of this, has brought me to a place of having my total reliance and stability firmly rooted in God. Now when I do go through stuff I’m not a leaf being tossed about aimlessly in the wind. Life as so much more purpose ,in all of this I found my true calling. I choose to use my setbacks as the backdrop to help and steer others in their turmoil.
If asked , if I could turn back the hands of time and change the direction my life had taken ? My answer will be without a doubt, NO. All of my past was a vital ingredient in shaping my todays. If I never had that problem I would have never known that God could have solved it. Today I’m that finished diamond I choose to shine in every circumstance and through any situation.
I choose to live life on purpose. Looking forward to what my tomorrow holds..

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