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Trust God’s Perfect Timing

I cannot think of a person who likes to wait, I certainly don’t. Waiting requires so much from us, it is hard work. I guess this is why the bible addresses this issue so many times. Waiting is not us sitting idly by and expecting God to do all the work, in fact, God desires that we actively get involved in accomplishing all that he has designed for our lives. Waiting on God has been a painful process in my life but in retrospect, I see now how this action has cultivated good fruit in my life such as tenacity, patience, and the ability to endure. By me trusting God, I allowed God to work in my life and this created a strong bond bringing me closer to him.

Have you been waiting on God to come through for you? regarding a concern you to might have, or it may be a family member is in a dilemma, it could be you have lost your will to go on, because life as thrown you one mishap after another, and you find no relief from your situation. You have prayed but it feels like God is silent and your prayers hit a brass ceiling only to bounce back at you.

You could have unfulfilled dreams given to you by God, or a word spoken over your life that as not come to fruition as yet. I encourage you not to grow weary in your waiting, God who as started the good work in you is faithful to complete it. It may not be answered the way you envisage it to, but the answer will come.Put your hope and draw comfort from the word of God. Disappointments and delays in my life forced me to find solace in Gods word and when I did, although the situation didn’t change immediately, it felt as if. God gave me supernatural ability to endure until the answer came.

The bible repeatedly tells us of individuals who had a distinct calling on their lives or even a promise given to them by God, they too had to endure long seasons of fear, delays, disappointments, but God always brought them through it and showed up with the answer. the secret is to wait patiently on God. Regardless of how long your season is or how dark your sky is right now I encourage you to hope and wait patiently on God to bring you out better and stronger than you imagined, scripture assures that that God is able to bless you far beyond anything you could imagine or desire(Eph 3.20).David, Joseph, and Abraham are all living testaments to this, as the bible indicates.

Take comfort in this that your footsteps are being ordered by God (Psalm 37.23), The same God that is silently walking along side you through the storms of your life is the same God that will bring you to your place of rest in him, In the meantime stay in peace, he is working behind the scene on your behalf putting all the fragmented pieces together. Trust God’s perfect timing help is on the way.


2 thoughts on “Trust God’s Perfect Timing

  1. Hi, this is the second time today that I have received this word Trust in the Lord I got a text message from my pastor this morning, explaining the same thing, that we need to trust God to reveal His will for our lives.

    1. Hi There,
      Yes trusting God has to be a big part of your lifestyle if you want to move
      forward with God and enjoy all he has in store for you.
      My prayer for you is that as you spend more time with God digging deep into his word
      his plan for your life will become clear and trusting in his perfect will become second nature to
      you. soon you will find out that there is no greater security than trusting the lead and promises of God.
      Stay Blessed

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