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Wait = Faith

They that wait upon the Lord is an expectant attitude of faith. While you are waiting on the Lord for his help, trust and be confident that he will intervene, and bring a reprieve from your current circumstances. You may find yourself in a holding pad or in a holding cell baffled and confused, all that you have been waiting on God for is nowhere in sight. The waiting is causing you to become weak and feeble and you seem to be losing your grip on life. Whatever your situation is please take courage that it is in your time of weakness and feebleness that God’s divine strength can be made manifest in and through you.
In your season of waiting adopt an attitude to use your waiting well, God is working on your behalf, there is a good purpose for the process, look for all the hidden blessings waiting to find you. Hold on a little longer your strength will be renewed your joy restored and your spirit will start to soar.

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