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We can so easily loose our peace, through a bad report from the doctor

We can so easily loose our peace, through a bad report from the doctor, the lack of finances, a troubled relationship, the turmoil and chaos of our country, the economic downturn , fear of what the future holds, the list goes on and on. The Bible clearly states ,in John 14.27, My peace I leave with you, my peace I give to you ,in a world of confusion and fear.
Here is God ,giving us the surety, that he alone holds it all together, he has a track record of this. Governments may come and go, inflation fluctuates, but age to age he remains the same.
Isaiah 9.6 …. the government shall be on his shoulder. It is God that governs all things , and ultimately decides all things.
If stability and peace ,is what you are working so hard to attain, you are not going to achieve this through faith in a world system or allowing the seasons and times of your life, to bring you true peace , its impossible, because we live in a constantly changing world . Nothing remains the same for too long.
However, God on the other hand, is a sure bet, he assures us that he is God ,ruler of heaven and earth and he changes not, he remains the same.
So today, I encourage you to place your hope and trust in God ,he created all things out of nothing, he sure can, and is beyond able to take care of all your needs, fears and worries.

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