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When God says NO to your prayers and petitions

God does not always answer us or grants us our hearts desires. What happens when the very thing you are trusting God for does not happen. Your earnest prayers turn from days to weeks from weeks to months from months to years, until all fight inside of you is depleted.

Well you are in very good company, the bible recounts a number of people that God loved deeply but said a resounding NO to their prayers namely Moses was not allowed to enter Canaan (Deut 3.26) David’s child died (1Sam 12:15–23) Paul’s thorn in the flesh was not removed (2Cor12:7–10), Jesus had to suffer (Matt 26:39) through their earnest praying God still was silent and seemed distant, but he gave them the grace to endure (2Cor 12:9).

You may have begged and pleaded with God to change that situation or bring the healing you so desired, even save and put together that broken marriage,

whatever you are facing, but the answer never came, God’s silence as conjured up feelings of bitterness and distrust in you. Your natural response now is to run from him and close your heart to his workings in your life.

In my experience, this just makes the fight and struggle so much harder we have a choice of hardening our hearts towards God by being offended because he did not answer us, work out the details as we petitioned, or we can in spite of him not answering be obedient. This here is the game changer…… being offended or obeying him. In our Christian walk, God won’t always answer our prayers with a yes, or give us the responses we are expecting. God is sovereign and mighty, he does not think, reason or move like we anticipate him to. The bible clearly states his thoughts are higher than ours and when the answer does not come it is not because he is withholding his best from us, in fact, he is telling us, that there is a better way out, his plan, and purposes for us are so much bigger than our limited mindset. He desires to pour his love and comfort on us but we have to trust and obey his leading.

Just like in the natural as parents we say no to our children because we can see the hidden dangers ahead or the path they are taking that will lead to catastrophe. We only have the best and highest intention for our children, although this may not sit well with them, we stick to our guns and maintain our stance, knowing full well that the pain of saying no is pale in comparison to the pain suffered if we say yes. So too with God, he is our loving heavenly father and has only his ultimate good in mind for us.

I have learned over time not to fight God when my prayers are not being answered, or to become hostile and kick against the pricks, but instead, to obey I have come to understand that God’s “NO” is not him rejecting me but instead redirecting me. So whether God’s answer is “yes,” “no,” or even “not yet” let us continue to pursue as our goal the prize promised by God’s heavenly call in Christ Jesus (Phillippians 3:14) after all, he is God, he is all knowing and he knows what is. best for us. Stay in faith and do not get weary.


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