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When you forget your true value

Today I am talking to those who. have forgotten just how valuable your are. There was a time in my life, when being validated by others was very high on my agenda. The acceptance and the applause was an indication that I was. recognised and important. As long as this was happening I felt good about myself. People’s approval meant I was doing something right .

Being accepted and recognised is a great feeling of accomplishment. On the other hand though, feeling unloved and undervalued can leave you feeling insignificant. Everybody wants to feel accepted and validated, we are designed to feel this way. What happens when we loose our life’s purpose or when the applause stops? This feeling stirs up worry and brings about no lasting value. I know too well how this made me feel.

Now each time I encounter thoughts of devalue or feelings of insecurity, I’m reminded of what God’s word says about me. Isaiah 49.16 explains …….I am. engraved on the palm of God’s hands……..Haggai 2.23 tells me ….God wears me like a signet ring……..Zechariah 2.8 ….. I am the apple of God’s eye, who ever touches me touches the apple of God’s eye. When I read these scriptures over and over, feelings of validation springs up from me. I suddenly realised how important to God I really am and man’s approval is irrelevant and a non issue in my life. I am safe and secure in the knowledge that God cannot change his mind about me. His thoughts towards me remain the same I don’t have to earn it.

No matter what a failure you may have become , or how people and circumstances devalue you, there’s hope. You see ,as long as you look to people to validate you, you are going to end up disappointed and empty handed. We humans are very inconsistent people. Through the years I have found a lasting consistency in God. Set your focus on the one who as fashioned and shaped your destiny, get your cue from him. He has a definite plan and purpose for you. God will never leave you or forsake you, cast your attention to the one who loves, cherishes, treasures and values you. You are greatly valued and only he knows your true worth.


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