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Who has your ear has your future

Who has your ear ultimately holds and shapes your future. Who or what we give way to or make room for, in time becomes our inner voice of reasoning. In our daily lives we can allow the influences of others to dwindle, quench or make the flame burn brighter.

There’s a scripture in the bible that describes this clearly……Song of Solomon 2.15 ….Take us the foxes, the little foxes, that spoil the vine. It’s the influences of others we allow to creep in almost unnoticed, that spoils the vine and eats away our fruit, until we have no say or power to diffuse the situation. What are these little foxes? They could be the bad company we keep, the influences of people and addiction that rob us of our purpose , the bad thought that cripple us from moving forward ,or the negative things we say about our selves, until they become our truth.

This seemingly insignificant thing over time can cause grossly disproportionate damage. The only way to bring an end to this is to put to death these influences. Make some time to be alone by yourself and take inventory of your life . Discover what has occupied your time or the things you focus on most. If these things are adding value to your life, then enhance that and build on it. If on the other hand it as. robbed and crippled you or as kept you prisoner, delaying your progress, then I urge you to take steps to making a change. Break away from negative bad influences. Get counseling, seek Godly advise from your local church or from people that you trust ,and the fruits of these positive influences are evident in their lives, this is paramount. You can either choose to allow these negative influences to shape you or you can choose to make a change today and start to live the life that God fully intended for you. Choose to live life on Purpose.



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