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You know, when we are in the thick of troubles, and we cannot see what is in front of us

You know, when we are in the thick of troubles, and we cannot see what is in front of us, because darkness surrounds us ,like a black mass. Nothing brings relief, our soul is vexed, plagued and perplexed.
There is no escape route in sight and you have resigned yourself to say, nothing good but only the worst can come out of this dilemma.
No amount of friends ,and loved ones, calling you ,to reassure you that all is going to be well, eases the pain or brings relieve ,from the stress and enormity of the situation. It is an inward, private battle, to which no one ,but only you know the magnitude of it.
I too ,have been in that place more times, than I care to remember. Through, everyone of those dark ,pain striking times I got through it. It was not by some magic formula. It was a conscious effort on my side, to firstly make a firm decision that this is not going to take me out. I dug deep ,inside of me ,and pulled out little nuggets of Gods word that I tucked away for times like these. Words like …….if I am for you nothing can come against you , Romans 8.31. Philippians 4.13…. I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. As I, repeatedly spoke these words to my situation, over time,layer by layer ,the darkness peeled off. Until the view ahead was in sight ,and I could maneuver through it.
Looking back now ,I had two options, allow the situation to take me out ,or take out the situation. Some of my biggest struggles ,what seemed like giants ,at the time ,waiting to take me out have become my greatest victories and my biggest life lessons. Today ,I urge you ,if you are facing such giants ,to not allow yourself to be taken out or give up the fight. If you push through with sheer determination and perseverance using the word of God as your compass, then you too ,can look back ,not too long from now ,and say like me ,that struggle has become one of my greatest blessings ,it has taught me how to overcome.
Choose today to live life on purpose.

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