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Your Life is a Tapestry

What do you do when the image of your current life, differs considerably from the image you actually once had of your life. You started out in one direction, which looked so bright and colourful, but now all you see are dark clouds and a sunless sky. This imagery brings to mind a tapestry weaved together with both bright and dull colours. The bright colours are symbolic of all the highs in our lives and the pale dull colours are a representation of low dark times. Just like the tapestry, from a human view we only see the untidy knotted ends and the frayed edges, because we are looking at it from the inside out. However from God’s view he sees this beautiful masterpiece in the making, (Ephesians 2.10 )confirms this. Each colour and design carefully thought out. He knows the finished piece, he sees the end from the beginning. Our view of the matted mess can only conjure up thoughts of fear, chaos and uncertainty, definitely nothing good can come out of this mess. I can imagine Joseph in the bible(Genesis 37–50) feeling like this, he was a man with a divine purpose, but his life at the time of his ordeal did not feel that way, he felt just the way you might be feeling. You see when Joseph landed in the pit, nothing in his circumstances looked like his dream. However when he ended up in the palace, he could clearly see all those knotted ends coming together, how vital every part of the process was in getting there. Evading or bypassing a step meant not ending up at his destiny.

You might find yourself in that place too, circumstances and situations have brought you to unfamiliar territory. Every piece of tangled disjointed thread is an integral step leading you to your destiny. Do not panic or loose hope, give your knotted ends and frayed edges to God, he is a mastermind in putting misplaced dis-shelved things together. Trust God, he is making all things beautiful in YOUR life in HIS time (Ecclesiastes 3.11 ) but you have to trust his process your steps are being ordered.


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