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When God Write’s Your Love Story

When God Write’s Your Love Story….I often come across single women who dream of falling in love and experiencing a love affair that is compassionate, eternal rare and enduring. In the quest for true love, the question I’m most asked is what do you do or what is the right attitude to keep while you are waiting for your future husband. I was not always this composed and in control of my emotions when it came to love, I had to learn the art of waiting. I have been single for a while now, after my divorce. Along the way, I’ve kissed a few frogs but they did not turn into the prince I was hoping for, each time this happened I was met with disappointment and heartbreak. I am an extrovert by nature meeting people and befriending them are the easiest things for me I never found this area challenging, and naturally, I never thought I needed God’s intervention. After the last breakup, I found myself running back to God throwing up a fuss complaining how dissatisfied I was about the whole episode and why he allowed me to go through such heartbreak. But in that gentle, quiet and ever so loving voice, I seem to hear him say over and over to me…….. my child, wait. I decided to follow God’s lead this time I choose to do it God’s way and took the decision of allowing God to write my love story. And so as the months pass by I began to see and understand that in this seasons of waiting and being still before God, exposing my heart and every emotion I encountered, he was doing some of his greatest work in me. I have learned it’s in the difficult wilderness seasons that God can breathe new life, restore your joy, renew your hope and shape your character. Waiting has taken on a whole new meaning for it is in this time I truly grasp Gods’ heart and plan for my life and fully trust his leading. In my waiting season, I am working on being the best version of me allowing God to mold and prepare me for my future husband. To a place where we will be complete in ourselves, not taking anything from each other, but instead is an extension of who we already are. To all you single ladies an upstanding character is the most important quality of a good woman, the man you’re going to marry should have a good character and qualities as well. When you find this in a man, he is more valuable than silver or gold. If you feel your worth is only defined by having a man in your life then you are always going to be needing someone to complete you. Find value in who you are by yourself while you are single, thinking less of your self-destroys your self-worth. learn what real intimacy is by cultivating a relationship with God so intimacy will be a natural component when you find your husband. Love and accept yourself through God’s eyes. You may feel alone but if you dig deep into Gods word and as you spend time with God you will realise you are not alone. You will begin to see you are not damaged goods but instead just how unique beautiful, loved, valuable and worthy you are. There are endless possibilities waiting for you, a life so rewarding when you decide to choose God’s path over your own. He created you he has his own special plans for you and that includes sending you your soulmate, someone he has preordained for you, who shares your beliefs, working towards the same goals, dreams, and destiny. Sharing a love so divine capturing your heart and mind your entire being where two hearts beat as one. Yours is a love story in the making …..”I was made and meant to look for you and wait for you and become yours forever.” (Robert Browning) 

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