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You Are Mine

God makes a very decisive statement “YOU ARE MINE!” this is so comforting to know, that irrespective of how far you may have wandered from his love or walked away from his promises or plans for your life, it does not change the fact…. you still belong to him. He longs for your return and waits for you with open arms. Nothing shall sperate you from the love of God nothing. God’s love for you is unconditional and supersedes any wrong thought, act or deed.
Your heavenly Father knows about the sparrows that fall to the ground, he knows about the flowers in the field, he calls each star by its name, but above all this he sees you, he knows about your struggles and secret fears, his desire is to carry your load and ease the pain. Come to him hand over your broken tattered pieces, then trust him to make you whole and complete……for you are his and he is yours, his love outweighs any other love it is the greatest and surest love ever known to mankind. 

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