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You are the missing piece

I love putting together a puzzle in my spare time, but real frustration sets in when I discover in the end that a piece is missing. Although that piece is just a tiny portion of the puzzle, it’s absence leaves a very noticeable flaw in the whole picture. Just like that missing piece in the puzzle the same can be said of us, we all have a vital and significant part to play in this role called life. Irrespective of how insignificant we may feel or see ourselves we belong to a bigger picture 1 Peter 2:5 tells us, “You are also, like living stones, being built into a spiritual house”. In a physical building, a missing brick leaves a hole in the wall. just like a building as an individual, you have a major role to play, your job is to figure out what is your role and to rightly discern your cue to be placed or positioned. When it’s your moment to shine do it with enthusiasm and a spirit of excellence. Before you pronounce yourself invisible, trivial or insignificant consider the many behind-the-scenes people…. people you’ve probably never heard of – that God has used to change the course of history. Remember no job is insignificant, so never underestimate your significance. Your gifting and calling are unique to you and you alone. It is because of this you have an important job to do, God has gifted you uniquely, and it is this uniqueness like your DNA that sets you apart to fulfill his plan and purpose for your life. If ever you thought you do not amount to much, let me remind you, you are that missing piece your life does matter and you are a vital and valued component of God’s divine plan. Without you no matter the size of your role the picture is incomplete. So make your life count.


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